Founded in 2011, Experientiallearning is in the business of helping people to connect with themselves, each other and society.
In today’s continuously evolving reality, it is these connections that provide purpose and direction in life.

We stand for helping people grow to their full potential by taking them through experiences and giving meaning to these under our mantra, ‘X-plore, Discover, Create’.

  • X-plore: follow the energy, wherever it flows; strengthen awareness of self and others
  • Discover: whatever happens is an opportunity for growth; we do not judge
  • Create: create true value by soliciting and managing diversity of thought, challenging and reframing existing convictions

We apply this mantra – ‘XDC‘ – to ourselves as much as in our work with others.

At the core of our approach, we design and facilitate experiences for people to leave their zone of comfort in a safe environment, to unleash learning in the moment.

Key values that guide us are:

  • recognition of the uniqueness of each person
  • connectivity within – mind/heart/behaviour – and between people
  • trusted partnership over time
  • sustainability of business results and societal impact

Lastly, as a team we have fun in what we do & enjoy going the extra mile together.