Nathalie van der Plancke

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What drives me

Looking back at my professional career so far, I see a fil rouge regarding my true passion for people growth and development. Throughout the years, I had the opportunity to perform various HR functions where I embraced the richness of human relationships & developmental growth. Finding the ‘right balance’ between what was expected from within my role, my personal aspirations and what I saw as meaningful and of real value-add for the organisation, was a challenge to me.

Today, as a facilitator and coach, my ambition is to help leaders grow and develop by gaining a better understanding of what is meaningful to them and by exploring how to align their personal aspirations and values with their job requirements and the challenges they are facing.

Leveraging leaders’ individual strengths and helping their teams grow through interactive co-learning & co-development experiences, is where my energy goes and what drives me.

My areas of expertise

I have been working as facilitator, coach and consultant in leadership effectiveness, team collaboration, emotional intelligence & behavioural transformation in organisations over the last 10 years. Prior to that, I gathered 12 years of corporate business experience, in several HR related positions, across management levels & organisational cultures. Currently, I’m working both on a national and international level.

What can you expect

High sensitivity to personal & team dynamics, true empathy, a multi-cultural background, respect for personal uniqueness, a mind-set of long lasting partnership, commitment to delivering high quality, a real enthusiasm in facilitating people growth & development through experiential journeys & coaching.

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