Natja De Ridder






What drives me

A feeling of purpose and passion propels me forward in life.

Looking back at my professional career, I feel grateful for having had the chance to develop and lead teams in the ‘entrepreneurial’ stages of corporate organisations. With these organisations growing larger, I experienced politics and bureaucracy taking the upper hand, which was the tipping point for me to move on.

Today, as a facilitator, coach and consultant, my ambition is to help leaders and teams to tap into their full potential. Having people experience the energy, passion and possibilities which come from truly being connected, committed to a shared mission and collaborating in a climate of trust and transparency, is what I aim for.

To me, this is what makes organisations and teams great to work for.  It is that what I love waking up for.

My areas of expertise

I have been working as a facilitator, coach and consultant in leadership effectiveness, team collaboration & behavioural transformation over the last 10 years. Before that, I gathered more than 15 years of corporate business experience across management levels & organizational cultures, both on a national and international level.

What can you expect

Lots of energy, focus on real added value for you as client, high quality standards, a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach, a critical & creative mind-set, a sense of humour as well as a high level of integrity.

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