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What drives me

It is my aspiration to put my professional expertise and experience to use in a meaningful way to have a positive impact on the people and organisations I work with. During a yearlong sabbatical in 2011, volunteering for various organisations in India, Australia and Mozambique, I experienced what it is like not to be able to rely on my learned expertise. Being out of my comfort zone like this has taught me the power of experience for learning and growth. I derive passion and drive from this to help create meaningful experiences for others to learn and grow.

My areas of expertise

I have been working as a facilitator, coach and consultant in leadership, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness and executive coaching for the last 15 years. Prior to that, I built extensive business experience in organisational effectiveness working with companies in various sectors and across the globe.

Having lived and worked in Australia, India, Russia, UK, USA, Belgium and the Netherlands I am at my best in an international environment.

What can you expect

My style is energetic, considered and personal. My clients appreciate me for my deep expertise in executive development, my ability to mobilise people to step out of their comfort zone to develop and grow and my candid and respectful mirroring on their current effectiveness in light of their true potential. Being authentic in my words and actions helps others to be the same.

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